Fingle (also Mad Jack Flint!) (fingle) wrote,
Fingle (also Mad Jack Flint!)

Free to GREAT home...

The Least-Feral Kitten Ever

A feral kitten, abandoned under my mom's front porch deck, that she has been handfeeding and generally spoiling. We brought him home to Orange County today.

8 weeks old, vet approved, all shots current as of July 5th, 2011, this little baby will not be on the lot long before some lucky owner snatches him up!

Please hurry and contact me. It's mewing at me in a most appealing manner, and we have a cat already who has not adapted well to a second cat in the past, and we don't want Tip to lose his personality again...

Please, save us from teh kewt. This guy was born to be a housecat. He has already been lounging around on the bed with my wife... He rode over eight hours in the car today, and the only noise he made was a purring that could be heard above the idling engine at one of our coffee stops...

He's really a good kitteh...
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